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list 1 listings since 2012-09-11 from local classifieds.


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list 1 listings since 2012-09-11 from local classifieds.

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If you omit the radius and specify an address at least up to the city level, then the query will return all items with a location within the city.


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Phone Lookup. If you've advertised housing rentals in any Canadian daily newspaper under different phone numbers, you might try to find related phone numbers. The advantage to logging in under an existing phone number, rather than registering a new one, is you'll have access to pre-existing ads. You'll be able to update your rental info as needed, rather than recreating it.

Advertise your vacancy directly on Google - Free

Google Base is a repository of searchable data. Why is it free? Google maintains its position by providing relevant content to searches. Finding an apartment is a common query. Getting quality data is the challenge for Google. If you are willing to spend some of your time creating quality data that fits their structure, they are happy to present it to keep us all coming back to Google. presents a simple interface to publish one thing - housing rentals - to Google Base. If you've already advertised a house or apartment for rent in the paper, you've already created most of the data. You really just need to re-arrange it into a specific format. For example, you must give a price, a descriptive title (max 80 characters), a location (but it can be approximate), etc.

Call Screening

You want to fill your vacancy, you need to advertise, but with that exposure can come too many calls, and inappropriate calls. Especially advertising on the web, where machines or even human spammers can easily contact you. And it might not end with the filling of your vancancy, since information can be cached by search engines.

We provide a simple messaging system. Post your rental without contact information. Interested parties can post messages, and you login to see those messages. It is an effective preliminary screening tool, and your phone number or email is not exposed to the whole world. You can even choose to have those messages emailed to you, or be sent a message received paging notification (to come).


Traditionally property for rent ads are classified according to region and community. This presents problems. Renters and/or landlords do not necessarily know the exact boundaries of a community. There is motivation to be inaccurate if a more desirable community is nearby. The community boundaries probably don't represent what we really want. That is, we want to search for something near, rather than exactly within.

Web sites that have integrated maps also have problems. Internet users are only beginning to get the hang of using the interface (zoom-in, pan, drag) imposed by the map provider (Google, Microsoft, Yahoo or MapQuest). Most web sites are horrible at presenting their traditional data on a map.

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